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Our Stress Test is an important diagnostic tool that helps us measure your heart’s performance under different physical conditions. It’s a simple yet effective procedure designed to ensure that your heart is in best possible shape.

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what is
a stress test?

A Stress Test, also known as an Exercise Tolerance Test, is designed to gauge how well your heart responds to physical activities. It provides detailed insights into your cardiovascular health, allowing our experts to assess your risk factors and cutomize a health plan for your well-being.

why consider a
stress test?

Here’s why you should opt for the Stress Test at Manhattan Cardiology Care for your cardiovascular well-being:

Early Detection
It enables our professionals to identify the potential heart issues (if any) before they become serious problems.

Customized Care
It allows you to receive customized treatment plans based on your unique needs.

Peace of Mind
Understanding your heart’s resilience through this test, helps you gain confidence in your overall health.

Monitoring Blood Flow
Keeping track of blood circulation in transplanted organs or during certain medical procedures.

types of stress tests

At Manhattan Cardiology Care, we offer various types of stress tests to cater to your unique cardiovascular needs. Each test is designed to provide specific information into the functioning of your heart.

The types of available stress tests are listed below:

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Exercise Stress

Engage in physical activity, such as walking on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike, while your heart’s performance is monitored. This test helps evaluate how your heart responds to exertion.

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Nuclear Stress

Combining a stress test with a small amount of radioactive material, this advanced test provides detailed images of blood flow to your heart. It aids in detecting coronary artery disease and assessing overall cardiac functions.

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By integrating an echocardiogram with a stress test, this procedure creates detailed images of your heart’s structure and functions. It is particularly effective in identifying any abnormalities or irregularities.

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Stress Test

or those who are unable to engage in physical stress, this test involves the use of medications to simulate the effects of exercise on your heart. It provides valuable insights into cardiovascular functions without physical exertion.

what to expect?

Ready for your Stress Test at our leading cardiology clinic?
Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect during this essential examination:


  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear.
  • It is necessary to inform your doctor about any medications that you might be taking currently.
who needs a stress test
cardiac stress test procedure

during the test

EKG Monitoring
We’ll attach electrodes to your body with an objective to monitor your heart’s electrical activity continuously, throughout the test.

Engage in either walking or running on treadmill, or stationary bike pedaling, gradually increasing intensity under our guidance.

Our team of experts will closely monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and any symptoms that you may experience during the test.

post-test discussion

  • After the cardiac stress test procedure, your results will be discussed in detail. Our medical professionals will provide insights into any findings and suggest appropriate next steps for your heart health.
types of stress tests

who needs a stress test?

A stress test may be recommended if:


You have a family history of heart disease.


You experience chest pain or shortness of breath during physical activity.


You’re preparing for a new exercise regimen.

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